Tune Into Episode 149: Safe Online Nerding with Futurist Levi Sauerbrei of NerdButler.com Tuesday at 8pm CST

Tune in Tuesday February 13th at 8pm CST for an enlightening episode on safe online nerding with Levi Sauerbrei, futurist and owner of NerdButler.com. In this age of the “Internet of Things” what can we do to make our lives safer as we surf the ever rising tidal wave that is the internet? With latest trends of electronic home integration on the rise, what are the devices that can help make our lives easier and what possible risks do they hold? Do we really “need” to buy the latest and greatest devices and digital toys and join the latest social media platforms, or are we merely buying into a consumer mentality before considering all options available to us? What can we do as individuals to not only help ourselves, but our family and friends stay connected, safe and secure while online and what can NerdButler.com do to help us in this quest? Join us this Tuesday night for a rousing discussion of digital trends and online pitfalls with our special guest Levi Sauerbrei of NerdButler.com as we discuss these and other pressing issues facing our modern digitized society. Download the FREE Dudes n Beer Podcast app for Android and iDevices or visit our LISTEN LIVE page and join the conversation every week.

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