DnB Ep 154: SXSW Bombings, Big Data, Killer Automated Uber and Twitter Voicemail Warns of Alien Invasion

In this special episode of the Dude n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan is on the road in Houston, TX and joined via Skype by Steven Bishop, Julie Connally and Christopher Head to discuss the recent South By Southwest bombings, big data, automated Ubers killing pedestrians and a new Twitter voicemail that apparently warns of alien invasion. What do all of these headlines mean? Why is it that the explosions in Austin were barely covered until AFTER the venerable SXSW music festival? What does it mean to say “Big Data” and what does the recent banning of Cambridge Analytica by Facebook actually mean? We trust our future to technology and possibly one day automated vehicles. What are we to make of the latest headline of an automated Uber vehicle choosing to hit a pedestrian instead of a neighboring vehicle on the road? Finally there is the case of a recent Twitter voicemail circulating about that was more than cryptic. What are we supposed to make of the decoded message that apparently states that there is a pending alien invasion coming to Earth? These questions and more pondered in this episode of the Dude n Beer podcast. Download the FREE Dudes n Beer Podcast app for Android and iDevices or visit our LISTEN LIVE page and join the conversation every week.


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