DnB Ep 129: The True Importance of Local Elections with Lorraine Garcia of the Capital Area Democratic Women

There is little more polarizing than political discussion…there is also nothing more important than political discussion with open minds, reaching for a greater understanding of not only the common truth of our political horizon but a comprehension of issues on all sides so we can choose the best leaders. While it may be true that national elections tend to take the media spotlight, it is state and local elections which truly impact us in our everyday life. With election time just around the corner the Dudes n Beer podcast is proud to welcome Lorraine Garcia, President of the Capital Area Democratic Women to the show to discuss some of the important issues up for vote. What are some of the pressing issues regarding women’s rights on the ballot? What does the CADW stand for? Who are they backing for office in not only the local, but state elections of 2017? What can we do to not only make an impact upon our local election, but our state election as well. Tune in Tuesday Night October 10th at 8pm CST for an in depth discussion with Lorraine Garcia of the Capital Area Democratic Women. download the FREE Dudes n Beer Podcast app for Android and iDevices or visit our LISTEN LIVE page and join the conversation.


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