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Hey everyone, Christopher Jordan, Host of the Dudes n Beer Podcast here. I would like to take a minute to introduce all of you, our fans and listeners, to the all-new Barley Cognizant blog from Dudes n Beer. This has been a passion project for this podcast since almost day one and I am so entirely excited to finally get it started. Probably one of the biggest questions I get more than anything is “Why on Earth did you start a podcast?”  Which actually is a really good question. I mean, here I am a full-time freelancer, married, beginning a family and on top of it all producing an already existing podcast on the topic of my beloved career of live audio and video production. How did I really find the time to produce another show? Maintain another website? Create good helpful content? Why did I even see the need in my life to produce a whole new show? Then I realized why I started my first podcast to begin with…I missed teaching. I missed breaking things down into a simple point of view that was easily digested by those who may not grasp a large technical concept. I also missed the challenge of producing an on air topical show and realized that my passion for science, news, media and art could be used to possibly help shift a paradigm. To use my skills of critical thinking for good and to cut through the tripe that is shoveled to us on a daily basis from not only mainstream media, but the internet and social media.

Then it became clear to me. The founding of the United States began with a group of men sitting in a bar drinking ale and rum talking about politics, economics, religion and the State…these meetings at the Green Dragon Inn in Boston, Massachusetts begat the “Sons of the Revolution” who then mobilized less than 20% of the American public to rebel against the King of England and declare our independence. This was the beginning of our country, open public discussion with dissenting opinions while maintaining an open-minded concept to fully understand what your fellow man believes and why in order to foster the growth of the common good. Then I thought “Hey wait a minute, where the heck did that concept go?”

In our modern world of talk radio, political pundits, digital devices and all day “news” channels, what happen to the actual dialogue? When did we become so divided across the aisle that we cannot even fathom to consider actually listening to each other and taking another person’s point of view to heart. When did the desire to change, learn and become better people as individuals who then make a better society disappear?

So I began. I began designing a website, getting topics together, finding a general direction I wanted the show to go…and then I went. I can’t even say I thought about it. I can’t even say I ever doubted the idea because I knew in my heart that what people in my world needed was to talk. Even I myself was guilty and had become generally complacent, not hanging out with people outside my industry, which can begin to skew a world view after a while, despite the industry. This is NOT what we are supposed to be or do. We are supposed to question and challenge our paradigms. We are supposed to want to explore, be curious and ask questions and desire to identify with those around us. How was I going to accomplish this? How was I going to get people to begin to consider changing their World view?

This was no easy task. But with an open mind and a heart ready to talk and learn I set out to begin changing the World 12 ounces at a time. And I believe in this tag-line. Wholeheartedly with every ounce of my being and soul, I believe it is my mission to understand those in the World around me and educate others on different World views that exist and are ever-expanding. To open their minds to concepts they may not have previously considered, to have an open and honest conversation despite agreement or disagreement and not let that change how I view a person personally. I truly believe that each person is a stone in a pond making their own ripple. Our ripples meet, they make other ripples. Our Worlds are in constant collision and it is up to us whether that collision build things or destroys them. Divisive rhetoric and biting sarcasm are the language of the day, yet still we are somehow curious why no one wants to listen to each other. Who actually wants to listen to anyone that starts a “conversation” by calling someone a name or belittling what they believe? I mean seriously, the whole philosophic point of America is to be able to believe whatever you want for whatever reason you want, so long as it does not harm you neighbor or community, right?

first episode with our friends “Those Damn Comic Book Guys”

So instead we as a society ignore the feelings and beliefs of “the other side” and insulate ourselves from the World around us and wonder why we have no progress. We sit in our homes on mobile devices and wonder why we never see our friends anymore. It immediately became my battle cry, my mission and the mission of what was to become the Dudes n Beer Podcast. To bring people of different views, lifestyles and backgrounds together to talk about issues that affect all of us, some good topics, some hard and depressing topics, some topics are cool technology, sometimes it’s artists and how to live the life you want…but all of it would be topics that help change the way we not only think, but interact with the World at large around us.

Fast forward to present day. The Dudes n Beer Podcast is now celebrating two years on the air, we have produced live shows from national events, begun a comic strip, interviewed major movers and shakers in the field of technology and covered stories from angles that few other podcasts and news agencies have considered…and there is only more to come.

So stay tuned everybody, download the FREE app and ask us questions LIVE on air, tune in on iHeart Radio, let your friends know, have listening parties and have discussions, join the forums and start discussions, but most of all ASK QUESTIONS! Never stop asking. Until the day you die continue to question; how, why and for what reason and you will always grow as a human being. That is what we are meant to do. Stagnancy is death, you would not drink stagnant water because you know it’s unhealthy and filled with disease. Don’t let you brain and thoughts and soul stagnate, it’s just as dangerous. Be the best person you can, learn all you can, meet new people, challenge ideas and remember to always challenge your own ideas and concepts while searching for the “Truth” with a capital “T” that applies to us all and we can actively start changing the World around us. Until next time every one remember, if you can’t be good…be good at it!







Christopher Jordan

~Host~ Dudes n Beer Podcast

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