Welcome to the Dudes n Beer Knowledge Vault!

We discuss a lot of topics on the Dudes and Beer podcast and frequently when doing so mention things like Government documents, declassified programs, patents for exotic technology, scientific studies, life and survival skills and yes, even on occasion the disclosed world of UFOs and the paranormal. Well now we’ve made it easier than ever for you, our listener’s to not only keep up with the conversation on the show, but to grow your brains in these revelatory topics…welcome to the Dudes n Beer knowledge vault! This new feature of the Dudes n Beer website provides you with an index of not only topics but documents that will literally blow your mind. Everything from the patents of Nikola Tesla to declassified documents on CIA mind control experiments, studies regarding the possibilities of manned space flight released in 1960 and even documents that help you learn and defend your constitutional rights. The new knowledge vault brings you information you may not even know existed that will not only shake the foundations of what you think but change the way you see the world around you and even the paradigm in which you live. So stop on by the all new Dudes n Beer knowledge vault today and start learning all the information THEY never wanted you to know!

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