Dudes n Beer Podcast now Available on iHeart Radio!

Ladies and Gentlemen…Dudes and Dudettes…The Dudes n Beer Podcast is proud to announce that we are officially available on iHeart Radio! That’s right folks, the best darn party and podcast on the interweb is now available on one of the most popular platforms in the World! So go to your mobile devices, dial in your smart TVs and fire up your streaming devices to tune into the Dudes n Beer Podcast ANYTIME with the miracle of iHeart Radio. Simply click your iHeart Radio app or visit the website and search the podcasts for Dudes n Beer to listen to the latest episodes and some of the recent classics. Catch all the guests, topics, debates and more right on the easy to use iHeart Radio platform. So visit iHeart Radio today and tune into all of the fun, drama and informative content of the Dudes n Beer Podcast right on your mobile or smart device and remember. Until next time, if you can’t be good…be good at it!

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