DnB Ep 156: New Horizons of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence with Billy Joe Cain of the Radical Empathy Education Foundation

In this episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by Steven Bishop and special guest Billy Joe Cain, head of  Radical Empathy Education Foundation, an Austin based Virtual Reality endeavor aimed at educating people about the horrors of human trafficking utilizing the technology of virtual reality gaming and Trapped: A VR Detective Story” an immersive virtual reality experience that places you in the person of a detective trying to solve the case of a missing person. How can games like this and other VR experiences bring about a new level of not only cognitive understanding, but allow us to connect as better as people? How has the world of virtual reality already expanded our view of education and training as we know it? What does the all too common term “artificial intelligence” really mean and what does it mean for the future of man and machine? How can we begin to marry the technologies of VR and AI and what could the possibilities be? Will they all be for the best or could some outcomes, if left unchecked, lead to horrific electronic nightmares? These questions and more in this revealing and in depth episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast. Download the FREE Dudes n Beer Podcast app for Android and iDevices or visit our LISTEN LIVE page and join the conversation every week.



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  1. Thank you for having me on last night! It was a ton of fun and I really appreciated getting to share my thoughts on AI and where the future is going to take us, whether we want it to or not.

    Hope to be on again soon!

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