DnB Ep 155: Is America so different than the rest of the world?

In this episode of the Dudes and Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan dials in from San Jose to join Steven Bishop, Julie Connally and guest Marymar Coll to the studio.  A business woman and international traveler, just back from a tour around the world and visiting from Guadalajara, Mexico, what has been her cultural experience of immigration in the US and abroad. Why did she decide to go on this trip, what did she learn? Is America so different than the rest of the world? What are the pluses…what are the minuses of living in the United States. Do the politics and issues of immigration cease at the shores and land borders of the United States or are they unique to our country alone? What is Marymar’s Facebook photo blog Finding Anahata all about? What was it like to have a father who was a politician in Mexico. What are we to make of travel advisories in the US and are they the same or worse in other locations around the World? Join in for this rousing conversation on the World we live in and what it’s like to not only travel but live abroad in the times we live in with our guest Marymar Cole. Download the FREE Dudes n Beer Podcast app for Android and iDevices or visit our LISTEN LIVE page and join the conversation every week.


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