DnB Ep 134: Lighter Side w DnB New Chamber Found in Great Pyramid and Ancient Civilizations

In this episode of The Lighter Side with Dudes n Beer host Christopher Jordan and Steven Bishop as they welcome friend of the podcast Christopher J Oglesby to the studio to discuss the new chamber discovered in the great pyramid of Giza as well as knowledge of ancient civilizations. What does the discovery of this new chamber in the Great Pyramid mean? Might this chamber be the one discussed by famed psychic Edgar Cayce in his visions? Might we actually find the technology that helped build the pyramids in this chamber as predicted by Cayce almost 100 years ago? If we just found a new chamber in a previously “totally explored” pyramid, what other ancient secrets may be awaiting us in archeological sites around the world? Will we ever have the answer to how the pyramids were built? Was it simple stone tools and wooden levers or was there a greater technology and knowledge in use at the time of their construction? Where our ancestors the simple stone tool users we know of today or were they far more advanced than we give them credit for? These questions and more in this episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast! download the FREE Dudes n Beer Podcast app for Android and iDevices or visit our LISTEN LIVE page and join the conversation every week.



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